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Chennai is the 5th Largest City in India, With a Population of Over 4.2 Million
and home to India's Automotive Industry.

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Chennai's economy includes a broad industrial base of automotive; computer hardware & software technology and healthcare industries.  And is India's second largest exporter of software, information technology, and information-technology-enabled services. A major portion of India's automotive manufacturing industry is based in the Chennai metropolitan area where it contributes to 60% of India's automotive exports and 39% of  India's GDP.  Due to Chennai's large automotive industrial center it's been nicknamed the India's "Motor City".

Chennai is an important centre for Carnatic Music and hosts the annual Madras Music Season, a large cultural and entertainment event.  In addition, the city has a vibrant theatre scene and is an important centre for the Bharatanatyam, a classical dance form.  The Tamil film industry, aka "Kollywood", is one of India's largest is based in Chennai where the soundtracks of its films dominate the music scene.

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