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At 125 years, The Port of Chennai is
The 2nd Largest Port in India Handling Over
1.22 million Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units - TEUs.

Worm gear and shaft photgraph

photo of an air cargo 747

The Port of Chennai is a privately managed container port facility which simplifies product shipping.  From 2001 to 2008 the Chennai Container Terminal, who manages the container facility for Chennai, achieved 70% increase in Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units – TEUs.   Their adept management and employee teamwork accomplished this feat by improving processes, adding cranes, and upgrading infrastructure allowing them to move more freight in less time generating shorter delivery times and less inventory in transit; resulting in lower inventory costs.

As of 2010, the Port of Chennai processes over 61.06 Million tons of product and 1.22 Million TEUs.

The Chennai Container Terminal is the primary point of egress for manufactured product however; Chennai is also home to the 2nd largest air cargo facility in India handling over 249K tons of cargo in 2010.  The Air Cargo terminal is serviced by DHL, Lufthansa and British Airways along with many others.

photo courtesy of PlaneMad via Wikimedia Commons at
Port of Chennai, India content edited from Wikipedia.



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